Welcome to Heritage Forge

Welcome to Heritage Forge

Come visit us at the Homestead Craft Village and watch our live blacksmithing demonstrations. Browse our online galleries of custom work, heirloom tools and other hand-forged products.

Hand-Forged Tools

All of our axes are forged in the traditional manner, starting with a block of low carbon steel for the body and forge-welding in a high carbon steel insert for the edge. This results in an axe that is durable and holds an edge well.


Custom Work Portfolio

For two decades, award-winning blacksmiths at Heritage Forge have custom crafted exceptional iron work installations for clients throughout the country.

Blacksmithing Classes

Seeking to learn traditional blacksmithing skills?
We offer a variety of classes to help you get started.


Blacksmithing I


Blacksmithing II


Ax Making



Home Furnishings

In addition to custom work and tools, Heritage Forge craftsmen produce a collection of  hand-forged home furnishings.


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Master blacksmith Caleb Nolen began learning blacksmithing at age 14. He has studied under several renowned blacksmiths including Tsur Sadan from Israel and the renowned Granfor Bruks Forge in Sweden, at which Caleb honed his axe-making skills. An instructor for The Ploughshare Institute, Caleb crafts both tools and custom furniture and received recognition by his peers with the 2010 Texas Furniture Makers Best of Show award.

- Caleb Nolen